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.:~Welcome Septiplier fans~:.

Welcome fellow fans of Septiplier. Here you can just into the fandom, submit your own art of this cute ship. And even submit your own art!~

even if this is a septiplier fan group please dont post anything which also includes hate to girlfriends they have had/have/or may have…

Tim and Sam Page Divider by Temmiesaur Tim and Sam Page Divider by Temmiesaur Tim and Sam Page Divider by Temmiesaur

[Stamp] Septiplier by Envarchy Septiplier Stamp by uchustache

Strings by DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk

Time to Time by DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk

It's Maaaaaaarkiplier (F2U) by Temmiesaur It's Jaaaaaacksepticeye (F2U) by Temmiesaur

Flower Crowns are Gr8 by Envarchy Wowie!! by Temmiesaur


ah.. Jackaplier by TaraEagle ah.. Jackaplier :icontaraeagle:TaraEagle 7 1
Airplane fears (septiplier AU)
Ok so imma just gonna be real with you I am in a amazing mood today.
So I am going to write a fluffy septiplier Au 1 shot ok.
But before that Au context mark and jack don't know each other. And are not YT peeps
But are going on the same flight (not on purpose) and jack is terrified of flying 
ok ok anyway onto the fluff
Jacks POV 
I can't believe that the week is already over.
But I had a blast in LA the smell of the ocean every morning.
The food especially the cookies were to die for. Jack thought
He stopped his thoughts just to realize he was staring at a quite 
adorable crimson red haired man who appeared to be staring back.
They both looked away from each other red with embarrassment.
Marks POV
Damn he saw me staring I hoped he wouldn't notice me.
Oh well it's not like he was going to sit next to each other on the flight.
But he is adorable with hisgreen hair,grey beanie,skinny jeans and leather jacket
Oh well might as well get a bite to eat before the flight.
Mark w
:iconfreezeiceking:FreezeIceking 2 6
Mature content
Hello part 15 (septiplier) (smut) :iconfreezeiceking:FreezeIceking 11 10
I thought you loved me (septiplier)
I-I thought you loved me Mark...
I really really do baby I'm sorry I won't do it again I promise.
But if you really love you wouldn't have done it.
Look Jack I'm so sorry I ate all the cookies.
Jack looked at Mark with puppy eyes saying really Mark really?...
Of course Jack I will always love he looked at Jack with a small grin
O-Ok I forgive you Mark.
If you want to I'll make some more and we can cuddle while we watch gravity falls.
Ok Mark.
And with that Mark made a fresh batch of cookies and went to the couch to cuddle with Jack to eat cookies and watch gravity falls.
HAHAHA did I get you with the really sad beginning did I be honest I bet I did anyway this came to my mind while I was doing yard work so I made. Anyway leave suggestions down below and as always I'll see you lovelies in the next deviation BU-BYEEEE
:iconfreezeiceking:FreezeIceking 6 4
Hello part 16 (septiplier)
Mark's eyes flutter open as the light leaks through his blinds. He uses this time to just look at Jack take in every detail just look at his perfect face he just stares for what seems like an eternity just laying there in perfect silence he never wants this moment to end just sit there and look forever.
Jack's eyes open half way and he sleepily looks at Mark.
"Morin love" 
"Morning Jack" 
Mark begins to slowly trail kisses down Jack's neck nibbling a little after each one.
Jack gasps when Mark hits one of his spots.
"Oh Merrrk"
"You like this don't you?"
"Oh fock yes Mark!"
Mark continues to trail his kisses along Jack slowly working his way around.
"Ready for a shower Séan?"
"S-Sure Mark but only if we shower together." 
"I wouldn't have it any other way baby."
As they get up Jack winces at the pain from their "activities"
"Oh mother of fuckin hell"
"Oh God Jack are you ok?"
"Yes,Mark don't worry it was totally worth it." 
Mark walked over to Jack who was layi
:iconfreezeiceking:FreezeIceking 4 6
Hello part 14 (septiplier) (smut kinda)
Hello everyone it's me Adele and today I'll be adding another part of my wonderful septiplier fanfic hello based off my song hello of course LOL
Time skip to after breakfast
Anyway imm go go upload my videos for today you should do the same Jack.
Ill do that real quick Jack said grabbing his USB full of videos
Mark goes upstairs to his recording room and uploads his videos.
Ugh why now Mark whispers as he feels his jeans getting tighter and tighter.
Fuck it Mark says searching up his favorite of Séan's videos.
He grabs the lube from under his desk and squeezes a little onto his hands.
using his now 1 available hand he undoes his jeans and pulls down his underwear and jeans.
he sits down on his gaming chair and puts on his headphone and starts to play the video.
He starts out teasing his member slowly rubbing it and rubbing the head.
He starts letting out small moans hoping his sound proofing is enough to conceal them.
He starts rubbing his member faster and faster he was getting c
:iconfreezeiceking:FreezeIceking 2 2
Full lost episode layer by BinnaMariyana Full lost episode layer :iconbinnamariyana:BinnaMariyana 17 0 The lost episode by BinnaMariyana The lost episode :iconbinnamariyana:BinnaMariyana 16 0
The hidden secret : Chapter One-Jack's Birthday
So early as it had to be in the morning i woke up and opend slowly my eyes, when the light kicked in i coverd my head with my hands. after my mother told me to get out of bed, i groaned and said :"mom i don't want to" my mother said, "you know that it is jack's birthday is today?" i totally forgot the birthday from my best friend...
i answerd :"yeah i know"  and went out of bed... i went quick to the car and drived to the house of jack, i pressed the door bell. and jack opend slowly the door, he smiled when he saw me. " come in " said he and i pulled of my coat. When everyone was in his home, everyone had a present. but i did not had that, everyone had given his or her gift... and everyone was looking to me when jack said:"mark what do you have for me ?"
i smiled and said:"you will find out later" i really had nothing to give and i felt very quilty that i had forgotten my best friend. I made some drinks and gave it to everyone, when finally the party was over and everyone was gone
:iconbinnamariyana:BinnaMariyana 3 0
SEPTIPLIER KISS ANIMATION by Chicaenllamas SEPTIPLIER KISS ANIMATION :iconchicaenllamas:Chicaenllamas 11 12 repair.jpg by Chicaenllamas repair.jpg :iconchicaenllamas:Chicaenllamas 37 5 Heads by Chicaenllamas Heads :iconchicaenllamas:Chicaenllamas 56 19 Doodles lol by Chicaenllamas Doodles lol :iconchicaenllamas:Chicaenllamas 21 10 YT/septiplier nap by SepticMelon YT/septiplier nap :iconsepticmelon:SepticMelon 665 121 Samantha,Septiplier's child by Markimoomoocow Samantha,Septiplier's child :iconmarkimoomoocow:Markimoomoocow 0 0 MarkJackDanceClub by cartoonjunkie MarkJackDanceClub :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 3,594 604

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